Windows 10 2017

Good afternoon Everyone.

Windows 10 is now fixed and everything is working fine. I recommend to everyone. The only concern I have is that Windows 10 spies on you. It watches what you type in and ads are enabled. There is a free program out there to shut down all the spying programs running in the background. It is called SpybotAntiBeacon. Here is the link to download it Read the  information on the Web page before you download it. Thank you for all of your business.

Windows 10 / Reasons to Upgrade or Not

We are all getting notifications to Upgrade our computers to Windows 10.
The following videos will talk about why you should or should not upgrade to Windows 10. One of the main reasons is hardware device problems. This is true. I was having problems when I updated my Windows 7 laptop. My laptop was running slow and my video card was not working properly. I then reformatted my laptop and installed Windows 10 by itself. Now my laptop is running perfect and fast. If you want to upgrade to Windows 10, I recommend doing a clean install. I can do this for you if you are not comfortable with this.

The cost will be $95.00. I will save your documents. I prefer that you save all of your pictures, music and video yourself (use a jump drive). I really am enjoying Windows 10.

Note: We encourage you to back up all of your files ( documents, music, video etc). Additional expenses will be incurred if you want us to do that for you.


The other topic they will discuss is Privacy. Windows 10 is a free upgrade. We are testing Windows 10 for Microsoft. You will get notifications from Microsoft to see how you are enjoying Windows 10, and  they want feedback to see what you would like them to improve in Windows 10. They want you to use one drive for your online storage. You are not forced to use it, I use Dropbox for my online storage. Lets face it, Microsoft is giving us Free Software. Google , Facebook and Apple are all doing the same. I am not worried about the privacy issue. Just be smart in what you share and post online.

Click on the links below to launch the attached videos.

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